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A sharia-compliant donation platform. Sadaqount is based on cooperation (Tawuun) and is designed to comply with sharia principles.


Secured & Trusted

Sadaqount performs a vigorous screening and background check to ascertain the credibility of prospective charity partners before being processed live on the platform.


Built to suit zakat donations. A donor can donate on behalf of a deceased family for the sole purpose of seeking Allah’s favour for the deceased.

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Malcolm X Academy Project

The Malcolm X Academy is an education project aimed at equip ...

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Easy Secured Fundraising

A secured and easy to use platform for your crowdfunding needs. Sadaqount is an Islamic fundraising platform that is built to comply with all sharia principles and rules.


Funding on the platform should not have an element of interest. Funds should be totally void of Riba

Maysir & Haram

Funding should not be as a result of gambling and should be non-permissible.


Limit speculative funding as it is against sharia principles.

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Sadaqount assists funders to search for various charitable causes and make donations to them, and also launch fundraising campaigns and monitor the progress toward the project. We simplify the offering of sadaqah, waqf and zakat. Donors are free to choose credible beneficiaries of their sadaqah, zakat and waqf.


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